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Translation of Documents with Apostille

Translation of Documents with Apostille

Apostille is an international stamp that certifies the legality of a particular document. The standard Apostille formation is attached to the document or is issued as an addition to it. The Apostille is placed only on original documents of the state standard or on their copies certified by a notary. Apostille cannot be placed on documents that are not issued by the state bodies.

Translation of documents with Apostille is a legal confirmation of the fact that it contains a certain document translated into the official language of a particular country, that is the officials of this country, their signatures and seals of organizations.

The apostilization procedure may vary, depending on the country for which it is being performed, and the type of the document. In any case, the document with Apostille must be translated, except for the fact that it is submitted to the Embassy of Ukraine in the country of destination.

The translation of Apostille may be necessary for both legal entities and individuals in the following cases:

  • living abroad
  • employment
  • education
  • cooperation with foreign partners and participation in tenders

Some countries, in addition to the translation of documents, require the Apostille attached to the  translation as well, that is called double Apostille, after the stamp has been affixed.

Translation of documents with Apostille are divided into two types - for use in Ukraine, and those that are needed abroad.

If you want to find out whether you need an Apostille translation, you can apply to the specialists of the translation studio "Madagascar".

Translation of Apostille issued in Ukraine

If the Apostille was issued in Ukraine, then you should clearly know all the requirements of the country in which this document will be used. In some countries (Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, France) there is a special procedure for legalization of documents and their translation. If the desired country is not on this list, then the notarial translation with the Apostille can be done in the appropriate language.

In some countries (Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and others), a double Apostille is required, that is, the apostille must be also placed on the translation certified by a notary.

Translation of Apostille issued abroad

Legalization of documents and apostilization should be carried out in the country where the document was issued. Therefore, in order to use this document in Ukraine, the Apostille should be placed in the country where it was issued and its translated into Ukrainian.

The translation of documents with Apostille must be certified by a notary.

The correct execution of all the steps allows to use the document in the needed foreign authorities

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